Mafia Gangs

Become The Mafia Boss

Welcome to the world of Mafia Gangs, where you and your crew can conquer the states and cities of America together!

Vehicle Theft

Fill your garages with the finest cars by stealing them!

Develop Smuggling Routes

Make millions as you develop the best smuggling routes and climb levels!

Manage Assets

Become the king of states and cities by managing numerous assets!

Game Statistics

Killerking: MrGrey
Most honored: MrGrey

0 players are currently dead.

132.9M+ units were smuggled across state lines

Our players earned 2.5M+ credits in total

Our 5th round since October 7th

#1 Player


#1 Family



  • 1st$500
  • 2nd$250
  • 3rd$125